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Enjoy the new concept of interactive television neoTV along with unlimited internet and a free telephone line, all in one package.

neoTrio Fix Ultra

neoTV – interactive television

  • A television package with up to 90 included channels (22 HD channels)
  • FilmBox TV package included
  • Neotel Set Top Box with Android™ operating system included together with access to all your favourite applications from Google Play
  • Interactive options: pausing, recording, rewinding live programme, reminder, recordings from the previous three days, parental control
  • Possibility to watch neoTV on two smart devices (a smartphone or a tablet) from anywhere
  • Possibility to watch neoTV on your computer from anywhere
  • Possibility for connecting an additional second TV device (Neotel Set Top Box) – 100 MKD per month, VAT included
  • neoDisk – 6 hours of space for recording live programmes

neoNet Fix

  • Speed up to 10 Mbps / 1 Mbps (download/upload)*
  • Unlimited internet-traffic
  • Wi-Fi router included
  • Dynamic IP address


  • Unlimited telephone conversations within the Neotel network
  • 500 min. towards fix networks
  • Caller ID (CLIP) – free of charge
  • Emergency calls (192, 193, 194, 195) – free of charge
  • Charging interval at 1 minute by regular price list
  • Number portability – free of charge

Additional services

  • Payment for installation by a Neotel crew – 1.490 MKD.
  • Fee for field interventions for removing defects due to subscribers’ fault – 1.416 MKD.
*The line speed for internet access shows the total flow of data through the ADSL line that can be achieved on all grounds, including internet, telephony, and television. The speed of the access to internet can depend on many factors: the speed of the web page being opened, the global network overload, the configuration of the user computer, the distance between the ADSL port and the network infrastructure, etc. If the line speed defined with the package cannot be achieved, the Operator is obliged to deliver the fastest possible speed, whereas the data flow speed cannot go below 4 Mbps/512 Kbps (download/upload) in 95% of the time during one month.
The packages include 1 landline with 1 channel. The subscriber can receive a numeration (number) from the Neotel series free of charge or he/she can transfer his/her existing number from a different operator, also free of charge.
The procedure for transferring a number from the network of a different Operator to the Neotel network is described HERE.


Included in all neoTrio subscriptions


With each neoTrio package you receive an opportunity to use the neoTV application on two smart devices, wherever you are.


The set top box device you use to enjoy your TV will have a new function from now on. It gives you a mini computer with Android™ and access to many applications from Google Play.


In addition to watching on your smart device, do not miss anything even when you’re using your lap top.


Watching TV today is unimaginable without having the option to record, pause, and rewind live programmes. NeoTV includes all these options in all of the packages.


In the event of any problems with the service, a 24-hour technical support is available to you on 02/55 11 111.


The activating of any package with a one-year and two-year contract is free of charge.


All neoTrio packages offer unlimited free calls within the Neotel network.


You don’t need to keep track of the internet traffic you make. All neoTrio packages offer unlimited internet-traffic.


1.790 MKD per month


neoTrio Fiber Ultra

  • 90 TV channels (22 HD)
  • Filmbox TV package included
  • neoTV on two smart devices
  • Speed up to 50 Mbps/ 50 Mbps
  • Unlimited internet
  • 500 min. to other networks
990 MKD per month


Mobile WiMAX Orange

  • 60 GB portable internet
  • Up to 20 Mbps / 5 Mbps
1.490 MKD per month*
One time fee: 0 MKD

neoTrio Fix Ultra

1.490 MKD per month*
One time fee: 0 MKD
1.890 MKD per month*
One time fee: 0 MKD

neoTrio Fix Ultra

1.890 MKD per month*
One time fee: 0 MKD
1.990 MKD per month*
One time fee: 1.490 MKD.

neoTrio Fix Ultra

1.990 MKD per month*
One time fee: 1.490 MKD.
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