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E-mail premium packages

E-mail premium packages

In need of an ADVANCED package?


  • Number of e-mailboxes (1)
  • Size of e-mailbox (2)
  • Domain aliases (3)
  • smtp/pop3/IMAP(4)
  • Web access (5)
  • Web administrator services (6)
  • Calendar(7)
  • Tasks (8)
  • Notes (9)
  • Log(10)
  • Backup of e-mailbox (11)
  • Folder sharing (12)
  • Domain level filters (13)
  • Additional mailbox (14)
  • Monthly subscription (15)


  • 10
  • 6 GB
  • 259 MKD per month*

2.290 MKD per month*



  • 30
  • 6 GB
  • 259 MKD per month*

6.690 MKD per month*



  • 50
  • 6 GB
  • 5
  • 259 MKD per month*

11.090 MKD per month*



  • 100
  • 6 GB
  • Unlimited
  • 259 MKD per month*

22.190 MKD per month*


*The prices are valid for a one-year contract and do not include 18% VAT.



399 MKD per month*

This service offers use of a special address for the proper domain.


599 MKD per month*

This service offers use of a special address for the proper domain, an “SSL” certificate and a proper message signature with “DKIM/Domain Keys”. The certificate can be generated from the Neotel web-page (self signed) or affixed by the user (a valid certificate).

(1) The total number of e-mailboxes for the domain included in the package.

(2) Size of mailbox by e-mail.

(3) Opportunity to add additional names to your domain (alias), so you can use the same e-mail for several different domains.

(4) smtp/pop3/IMAP (including SSL access) is allowed access through the mentioned protocols with no limitations and with the option to establish encrypted server communication.

(5) Web access to your e-mail through a modern AJAX interface.

(6) Administration through a web interface where user accounts can be added,deleted, and managed. There is an option to manage groups and user filters.

(7) Calendar for better organizing of activities and an option to share them with your colleagues.

(8) Keeping track of completed and current activities.

(9) Keeping track of notes from meetings etc.

(10) Creating an activity log.

(11) A spare copy of your e-mails from the previous 7 days.

(12) Sharing folders with your colleagues for easier communication and data transfer.

(13) Possibility of administrating of filters for all users of your domain. The filters allow you to resend messages to additional addresses, copies, deleting e-mails from certain senders, forwarding, moving, and automatic e-mail reply.

(14) The user can add an additional mailbox by making an additional monthly payment in line with the performances of the package used. If the user wants an additional mailbox with better performances, the user needs to migrate to one of the more advanced packages and buy a minimum of 10 addresses.

(15) A monthly subscription is given for a one-year contract. During the contract duration, the user can migrate to a package with a larger subscription once a month. Migrations to lower subscriptions are not allowed before the expiration of the contract.

E-mail premium packages

E-mail premium packages

E-mail premium packages

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